Is Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer a Summer Do or a Summer Don’t?


It’s summer and it’s that time of year us pale skins want that sun kissed natural glow without all the skin damage. So we return to the stores in order to find our holy grail product.

I really liked the Jergens wet skin moisturizer so I decided to give the self tanner a try. I have to admit though, I was very skeptical. We all know how many self tanners can look splotchy at best, especially around the hot spots such as the knees and ankles. Not to mention if you don’t wash your hands well enough it looks like you’ve been smacking around Oompa Loompas all day! If a lotion that you put on in an even layer can do that, then what is something that goes on unevenly on top of wet skin going to do?

Well I’ll tell you! I put this natural glow lotion on one evening and then went out to various places the next day. While I was out doing the things I needed to do, I happened to glance down at my legs. Whoa! The word giraffe comes to mind because that is exactly what I looked like. I had this big, tan splotch on my right thigh and several of the same on my left shin. The only thing I could think to myself was, I walked around all day looking like this. I was mortified!

Needless to say, I went home and proceeded to exfoliate my legs till they looked somewhat normal. It still took a day or two for the self tanner to totally wear off. I can definitely say that was my first and last time using it. However, I still use their regular wet skin moisturizer because it works great.

Ladies and gents, if you are looking for that summer natural glow then please look elsewhere. This little bottle of self tanner is around $8 -$9 and totally not worth a penny of it.



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